Services & Benefits

The Inverse Chromatography methods are of great interest in a wide range of applications, however, despite a an easy principle, a strong know-how and expertise are required in order to carried out the experiments and to analyze the results.

Our goal is to offer you the best of our expertise by applying the concept of “Smart Inverse Chromatography”.

What does it mean?


As the needs and concerns of each customer are different, it is important to have a deep discussion to be able to offer tailor-made services.

Therefore, “Smart Inverse Chromatography” means:

  • Services fitted to your needs
  • Measurements carried out with respect of the theoretical assumptions
  • Optimized operating conditions
  • Not only raw results, but also their explanation and interpretation
  • Perspectives for checking our interpretations (with or without resort to Inverse Chromatography)

All the exchanged information is under cover of “Non Disclosure Agreement” (NDA).

The “Smart Inverse Chromatography” concept concerns the implantation of the Inverse Chromatography techniques in your Lab as well as the realization of Inverse Chromatography measurements on your samples at Adscientis.