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The Art of Molecular Surface Sensing by Dynamic Adsorption

Our 10th International IGC Symposium will be held on Tuesday, Juin 15 202. The link of registration will be available here very soon. Be numerous to take part in this great event ...

Our new IGC webinar « Tips & Tricks for practical IGC setup » the 10th of February!

This time our techniques in Inverse Gas Chromatography will be shown in practice!  Reservation link: 

Video of our IGC webinar "NeuronIC. New Smart Surface Analyzer"

Latest Application Notes

A way to better analyse surface properties of planar substrates as coated metals, polymers and adhesives

Executive summary Planar surfaces are often treated or coated (e.g. with epoxy, organics, adhesives, metallic coating…) to provide certain properties as corrosion resistance, friction or stickiness. In many cases ...

HSP, a mighty tool for formulation applications

Executive summary Many practical chemical products are actually formulations, i.e. sophisticated mixtures of numerous compounds that can be liquids or solids. How to select them efficiently without costly and ...
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