Softwares for Inverse Chromatography

Adscientis develops its own analysis software programs for the Inverse Chromatography techniques. Three software programs are available.
Each one is dedicated to one of the Inverse Chromatography techniques used in the laboratory.

The three software packages, i-Dilution, In-Pulse and CLIAd have common features which are:

  • the acquisition of the experimental data (conditions and chromatograms) on two channels simultaneously and independently of each other
  • the treatment of these chromatograms in order to extract the necessary information to calculate the different physicochemical characteristics
  • the storage of the experiences and their results into a database
  • the possibility at any time to repeat an experience
  • the export of the data (chromatograms, results report) for processing in other softwares

i-Dilution for Inverse Gas Chromatography at Infinite Dilution (IGC-ID)


i-Dilution is specific to the measurements realized in gaseous phase at the infinite dilution conditions (IGC-ID). It allows the determination of:

  • the free energy change of adsorption ($\Delta G_a$) of each injected probe
  • the surface energy of the material ($\gamma^d_s$)
  • the nanoroughness of the material
  • the surface acid-base character ($I_{SP}$, $K_a$ and $K_b$)

In-Pulse for Inverse Gas Chromatography at Finite Concentration (IGC-FC)


Always in gaseous phase, but with probes injected at finite concentration (IGC-FC), In-Pulse has been developed to measure:

  • the desorption isotherms
  • the specific surface of the materials
  • their energetic surface heterogeneity

CLIAd for Inverse Liquid Chromatography (ILC) measurements


Finally, in Liquid phase, the soft CLIAd allows to measure the adsorption of molecules with important sizes (surfactant, polymers…) so we can determine:

  • the adsorption isotherms
  • Langmuir model fittings
  • quantification of the amount of molecules irreversibly adsorbed

These software programs work under Windows and are commercialized with a acquisition data system from “National Instruments”.

It is possible to adapt the software programs to the customer’s specific needs.
For more information please consult us.