Measurements & Contract analysis

The three main Inverse Chromatography techniques are proposed for measurement services are:

Depending on your objectives, one or a combination of the three techniques is proposed. If necessary complementary analytical methods are also proposed: MEB, TEM, DSC, N2 Adsorption (BET), TPD, Hg Porosimetry, particle size, zeta potential…

Each “Smart Inverse Chromatography” service is realized with respect of a defined process with the goal to provide you the best of Inverse Chromatography.

The proposed services concern numerous application fields and materials. The I.C. measurements can be performed on powders, fibres and plates. The required sample amounts are depending on different factors like the specific surface area and the strength of the interaction ability of the surface. Hence, the suitable sample amount can vary from some mg to some grams. Of course, after measurements, the samples are returned to the customer.

The physicochemical features we deliver are useful to:

  • Compare batches amongst themselves, in order to highlight the properties differences explained by a divergent behaviour
  • Optimize agglomeration or powder dispersion
  • Solve problems related to powder granulation
  • Clarify problems related to adhesion or polymer reinforcement
  • Measure the hydrophilic-hydrophobic character of the surfaces
  • Establish Quantitative or Qualitative Structure-Properties Relationships (QSPR)


Of course, the delivered physicochemical characteristics are also suitable to follow the surface properties changes induced by different treatments or by the ageing. Hence, these data are interesting for:

  • The choice of the most appropriate treatment
  • The optimization of the treatment (plasma, grafting, thermal, coating)
  • Determine if the surface is clean or not
These services are realized in an interactive way, so that the customer can take advantage of the results and their interpretation. This process brings also a certain flexibility to the service and gives the opportunity to adapt it under realization.