By the early seventies, Dr.Henry Balard and Dr Eugene Papirer, both researchers at ICSI (Institut des Surfaces et Interfaces of Mulhouse, CNRS, France), have made pioneering contributions to the development of a surface and interaction characterization method called Inverse Gas Chromatography. They are worldwide recognized for excellence in the contribution of new knowledge of surface chemistry by both academics and industrials.

Dr. Eric Brendlé joined them in 1993 in the frame of his PhD followed by a post-doc. The interest of companies such as Wacker and Rhodia in the knowledge of the surface characterization, brings him the idea to create a company after his post-doc with the support of Dr. Papirer, Dr. Balard and Prof. Jean-Baptiste Donnet

The project was presented on the French “Concours national de creation d’entreprises et de technologies innovantes” and has been laureate in 1999 and 2000 respectively in the categories:

  • Emergence
  • Creation and development.


Adscientis was created in 2000 under the corporate name of IGC Lab with Eric Brendlé as manager of the company.

The research and development performed since 17 years allows to file a patent concerning the planar surface characterization and to open Inverse Gas chromatography to new fields of applications.

At this capacity we have the agreement “Crédit d‘Impôt Recherche “ (R&D Tax credit for France).