Client references

Michael LYNCH, Section Head Technologie Servier

Eric Brendlé is a very competent specialist in the domain of surface analysis. His expertise has helped both myself and my colleagues to obtain a better understanding of our substances and the subtle differences, which can impact product development. Eric is always available to discuss results with clients and takes an active interest in the meaning of these results.
I can fully recommend working with Mr Brendlé to discover the hidden properties of your materials.


Steven ABBOTT, Director at Steven Abbott TCNF Ltd

My personal opinion is that IGC is an important methodology for understanding things in my area of interest - Hansen Solubility Parameters. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad IGC datasets out there, either using an unsuitable range of probes or doing the experiments without careful attention to the necessary details. Eric's work is definitely in the rare high-quality category - his datasets are solid because a lot of intelligence goes into the planning of the experiments and interpretation of the results


Dennis MILLER, Head of Physics at Clariant

Eric Brendlé has a specialist service for inverse gas chromatography, a technique for characterising surfaces. There are not many laboratories offering this. I had some samples measured recently and can thoroughly recommend him and his team.


Matthew GEBHARD, Science Manager at DSM

Eric provided IGC results for us. The quality of the work and the details of the report were excellent. The data were very important for our program.


Floryan DECAMPO, Head of Research & Innovation at Solvay OLED

We have worked with Adscientis to carry out the characterization of a new family of catalysts developed in-house. Our main contact was Eric who was very professional and helped us define our needs regarding the analytical work using the inverse chromatography. After we sent the samples the first results were delivered in a timely manner through an exhaustive report that Eric went through with our team to explain and discuss the various aspects. I was very pleased with the work and our team obtained unique key data of the catalysts such as hydrophylic/hydrophobic character or acido-basicity.