A tri-national cooperation brings surface characterization of powders and fibers by Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) to new heights

The three companies Adscientis (France), Inolytix (Switzerland) and Porotec (Germany) collaborate since October 2016 to bring a new fully automated instrument to the market in 2017. Together, they bring all competences to develop a really industry-oriented, efficient and highly significant instrument for the Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) - the next generation setting new standards to industry. Adscientis brings the specific IGC experience, Porotec is a reliable partner for sales, maintenance and development of instruments and Inolytix is a dynamic startup offering innovative analytical techniques to industries.

Eric Brendlé, CEO of Adscientis: “It is a great pleasure to bring all this experiences together in this cooperation. It has always been my dream to transfer my experiences into a new instrument and together we can do this . IGC4.0 will be a new standard on the market.” Adscientis, Porotec and Inolytix share the same passion for scientifically sound solutions, real insights into material properties and industry-oriented service.

Surface characterization of powders, fibers and porous materials today is still very tricky. But with a technique called Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) it is possible to detect the real interface properties by pulsing many different gases through a sample. This way, very quantitatively, values as dispersive surface energy, nanoroughness, polarity and acid-/base-constants can be derived and surface energy distributions can be analyzed.

Adscientis and its CEO Eric Brendlé have 16 years of experience in serving the industry with IGC and many hundreds of projects with industrial partners have been performed. Now it is time to accelerate the development: combining all experiences and bringing up an innovative generation of fully automated and intelligent set of IGC equipment and solutions .

Adscientis, Wittelsheim (France) Adscientis, is recognized as a very competent and reliable in Inverse Gas Chromatography. The company provides services as well as broad competency and know-how on I.G.C. techniques about material characterization. The smart and easy way for analyzing, mastering and controlling surfaces and their characterization offers a large panel in the development of all materials and consequently a sustainable added value in the R&D departments. Adscientis provides a lot more by measuring surface occurrences with probes molecules. Different probes allow the recognition of different characters and a complete description of the full potential of the concerned material is established. Tailoring the new surface properties allows numerous developments and new products on many industrial segments.

Adscientis has developed a set of advanced solutions allowing many benefits and advantages. They will be described and explained during dedicated events to come as well as in specific papers and articles.

Porotec, Hofheim am Taunus (Germany) - Porotec is a German Company which offers a broad range of innovative scientific instruments in many countries. Their know-how, experience and competence in characterization of particles and porous materials have already satisfied the highest demands in many fields, including quality control aspects in new industrial & international standards. The company is extremely oriented to Customers listening and its orientation is quite similar to Adscientis. Dr. Jürgen Adolphs, the C.E.O. from Porotec is permanently looking at actively supporting Customers through innovations which bring them added value: consulting and training are the initial steps which clarify dedicated mandate analytical approach for the characterization of porous materials and others.

Inolytix, Aargau (Switzerland) - Inolytix is a startup launched in 2014 with the focus to accelerate product development for the chemical industry. Through new and innovative analytical methods delivered by reliable and experienced partners like Adscientis, Inolytix offers a customer friendly service for R&D departments: You have one contact point and access to different analytical methods and Inolytix is managing the whole process from offer to the industry oriented report of the results.



Eric Brendlé 
Parc Secoia
1, rue Alfred Kastler
68310 Wittelsheim
Tel +33(0)3 89 48 00 42

Jürgen Adolphs  
Niederhofheimer Str. 55A 
65719 Hofheim am Taunus 
Tel +49 6192 2069034

Ralf Duempelmann 
Bahnhofstrasse 35
4334 Sisseln
Tel +41793129327


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