Modular aspect

Modular solutions dedicated to IGC

The NeuronIC set includes a gas chromatograph, an automated injection system and a workstation equipped with software modules chosen according to the targeted applications fields.

Modular solutions dedicated to IGC


According to your needs

Thanks to the modularity of the solution, we can suggest you the solution that perfectly fits with your needs.

instruments with neuronic solutions
Gas chromatograph with
  • 2 analytical channels operating in parallel and simultaneously
  • an automated injection system
  Nucleus for Neuronic solution Software's core over which the different modules are added.



The data processing modules enable the determination of the following features:
SoliID Surface energy, nanoroughness, acid-base character of solids' surface
ElucID Enthalpy variation, entropy variation, glass transition temperature, diffusion coefficients
LiquID Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP)
InPulse Desorption isotherms, specific surface, surface heterogeneity